About Karara Foods

Welcome to Karara, the exciting new way to enjoy delicious, aromatic, traditional food from Kent's infamous Indian chef, Paul Babra and his wife Rani.

Born in Rajasthan, Paul Babra has fond memories of his mother, aunts and grannies making traditional chutneys, preserves and pickles, filling his childhood home with heady aromas. Even today, the smell of a particular spice blend or the taste of a carefully concocted chutney takes him right back to his hometown in northern India.

Whilst working as a civil servant, Paul’s aromatic food began to gain popularity and the family business grew with their infectious enthusiasm. Today Paul Babra has gained an enviable reputation with an international following and not only works in the UK but is asked to participate in regular events in France and the USA.

Building on his successful reputation, Karara is a culmination of Paul's experience and skills, bringing the real taste of India to Kent. Taken from the Punjabi word meaning 'Spicy', Karara is based at Macknade Food Village, Faversham and offers a fantastic menu to suit all tastes and appetites, with a choice of covered outside dining or takeout.

Together with his wife Rani, Paul is passionate about not only Indian food but the community in which he lives. He has worked as a teacher with young catering students at Canterbury College, and offered workshops & demonstrations at local schools to share his skills and his passion with a new generation.

Paul was one of the judges at the Kent Cooks Awards and initiated the concept of Free Food at local charity Ethnic Minority Independence Council (EMIC) as well as helping with fundraising events for numerous local charities.

With the outbreak of the COVID pandemic, Paul & Rani both realised they wanted to do even more for the community. One of the traditional values of Sikhism is 'the langer' or the community kitchen and with this in mind, both felt that helping to feed those on low incomes or struggling during the panademic had to become their new priority.

They turned large catering packs of food into easy-to-access individual meal portions and worked closely with charity Fareshare to distribute these packs to those in need, to front line workers and staff at Southeastern Trains & Royal Mail.

Their new company Karara continues to create food to support charities via Fareshare and this is something that both Paul & Rani have made a permanent commitment to.